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Planning to Purchase a Sailing Watch? Consider these Key Features

When you’re looking for accessories to bring with you on your next boating trip, a sailing watch is essential to keep you updated with the time. But it’s not just that. You need a special watch that does more than just tell you the time. Here are the features you need for in a sailing watch.


While buying a sailing watch is a worthy investment, it is important to know the limits to your purchase. Going for expensive sailing watches come with various features that may not be available in standard ones. It’s already a plus if you can use this for a very, very long time.

But if you’re a bit more frugal, you can opt for an alternative with the almost similar features without breaking the bank. For $85 AUD to $130 AUD, you can get a quality sailing watch that gives you what you need for your next sailing trip.


Consider the watch you need. While a bargained watch may be a good option, nothing beats functionality. This is especially true if you’re just looking for this item online. Check for the reputation of the company selling the watch and see what others are saying about. This is a good way to check for the quality of the watch you are planning to purchase.

Specific Features

Technology is an amazing in every way. And with every moment passing, it’s constantly evolving. What may be the latest thing today may become obsolete tomorrow. And the sailing watch market is not immune from it.

Bluetooth, GPS, heart rate monitoring, and distance monitoring are features you usually get from big companies creating these innovative watches. But what do you really need when you’re out there in the water sailing?

With Ronstan sailing watches Australia, users get all the key functions sailors needed for the trip. Most of Ronstan sailing watches are user-friendly, shock-resistant, backlight, and water-resistant up to 50 meters below. Some have multi-line display in real-time (for time and stopwatch function) for digital sailing watches.

Type And Display

There are two kinds of sailing watches available in the market: analog and digital. An analog watch makes use of moving hands to read time and seconds. It is powered using automatic, kinetic, hand-wound movement, and quartz. For a yacht sailing, this may be a good choice.

For those who are on the dinghy, it might be best to go for the digital type as you will want more visibility and functions with your watch.

Materials Used

Titanium, silver, stainless steel, and gold are some of the sturdiest materials used for watches. But these come at a hefty price. However, you can opt for an alternative watch that’s just as versatile, functional, and durable. Plastic encased watches are popular options for the frugal sailor. The watch bands made of silicon strap could hold up even under salt water or other weather elements better than gold or silver straps.

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