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How to Buy Tights That Won’t Rip and Roll?

Let’s all just admit it, the biggest issue that we have when it comes to tights is that they can be difficult to handle. Many people would complain about hard it is to look after them and also how no matter what you do and how careful you are you will come with some kind of rip and roll in them when you wear them just one outside. However, believe it or not some smart shopping moves and decisions can really help out an end to most of these headaches and here they are.

What If Your Waistband Is Rolling Down?

If the waistband of the pair of tights that you bought just will not stay put and constantly keeps rolling down, the chances are that you have bought the wrong fir for you. There are enough and more sizes that go from small to plus size tights so you need to check the sizing chart when you buy them but also use a bit of common sense because the chart will not account for every single body type that is out there.  If the waistband is, therefore, rolling down and you are on the border between say two sizes, simply size up and you will be fine.

You Are Always Hitting Snags, Runs and Holes

We have all been here and it can be seriously frustrating to notice that there is a massive rip or run or hole just a couple of hours into wearing a new tight or even while you try to put them on really. Therefore the fix for this will be to put on a much sturdier pair that has about 90% nylon and always use extreme caution when you out them on. Make sure that all your nails are smooth and that you are not wearing any sharp and pointy jewellery that can tear them. Remember that the worst enemy of tights is Velcro and that you should avoid rough surfaces as much as possible.

Your Legs Are Freezing All the Time

Many of us will reach for the tights as soon as the temperatures drop. However, some of the sheer varieties will not give you any warmth at all. Therefore during the winter, if you are looking for ways to stop your feet from getting frozen off, you should reach for the fleece lined varieties that will keep you warm and comfy. They are actually a worthwhile investment and are not too expensive either.

You Cannot Seem To Find the Right Opacity

When you are wearing tights, it is not always easy to figure out how sheer and how thick they are unless you are wearing them on your feet. You can rely on the denier number for this and if you have anything that is a thirty or less on the packaging chances are that you will have something sheer when you wear it. Anything higher will give you enough opacity.

Which Is The Front?

Many people also cannot figure out the front and the back. Look at the direction of the foot and if that is not clear there should be two long lines that come out from the waistband and this will be the back.

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