How To Make A Short Bob Wig

Short Bob Wig A quick bob wig may be very suitable for folks that use a wig, the rate is aggressive, the excellent is a hundred human hair, and the effect is lively. People who put on a short bob wig could be very smart and active. Do you the way to make a brief bob wig, nowadays, we can proportion with you the technique step by step. 

Wigs for black ladies have a terrific result which uploads their self-assurance and beauty. There are various hairstyles, along with immediately wave wigs, frame wave wigs, and different wavy wave wigs. According to the hair duration, you’ll see lengthy hair wig, medium hair wig, and quick hair wig. A short wig constantly called quick bob wig, which becomes an increasing number of popular inside the hair marketplace among African American women. This haircut attracts some; they’re complicated approximately how does it recognize? Here is the info on the way to make a short bob wig

Before you sew in a wig via brief hair weave ( eight inches to 12 inches), you need to put together materials for stitching. Tripod stand, Mannequin head or blockhead ( resembles a real head), Hair weave and a lace closure(or a lace frontal), Wig cap (straps adjustable), Needle thread (use cotton or nylon), Measuring tape, Scissors. 

These are steps for making a quick bob wig. 

Short Bob Wig


you have to degree your head size, then put together the mannequin head, restore it nicely at the tripod stand. After it, put the wig cap at the model head, regulate the strap to the proper size. Mark the hair tracks at the net cap, then you can sew ins at the hair internet. 


pick human hair weave you’ll use, nowadays we choose human hair which is cushty when you put on it. Following the hair tracks, stitch in hair extensions at the cap. Please ensure it’s miles tight. About the lace closure, you may sew it first or stitch it after finishing the hair weave around. You can make a component at the closing which makes the quick bob wig very herbal。 


comb and style the wig. After you completed the wig, please make certain use the large comb avoid dropping or tangle. You can style the hair to the hairstyle you want. Cause all the hair we sell is a hundred human hair, which can be bleached, permed, or styled. When you use the iron flat, set it inside the proper temperature, or it will damage the hair. Forth, trim the hair and make a good shape. After you stitch all of the hair, it doesn’t nicely on your face shape. You could trim it and allow the wig has a perfect shape.